New Years Eve without celebrations A new year has begun, for the first time in centuries, in which neither world wars nor natural disasters have prevented people from celebrating the New Year and wished for the best, and even the impossible, from wishes Until the world changed with the emergence of the Corona virus, and with it, man was forced to change all his habits, the first of which was social communication, which became the most famous new term (social distancing), which not only prevented us from peace by hand and embrace when meeting, but detained many of us in his room for fear of death alone In spite of the emergence of vaccines, which were hoping to get out of this pandemic, then the virus mutates from its genetic characteristics and changes with it the symptoms of infection and the target groups
With many doubts that this epidemic is created by human action for economic and political purposes, or that it is a test from God, there is no involvement in the human being in his presence, but the only certain truth is that it is not the concepts and interests of many of us With the beginning of a new year, for the first time, family and friends did not gather for celebrations, but only correspondence via virtual social media to meet on one wish that this nightmare will end quickly as well.
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